The Paracho Elite Limited Lifetime Warranty

Paracho Elite guitars are warranted to their original owner, with proof of purchase, against defective materials and workmanship.

The company shall reserve the right to replace or repair any instrument that is found to be defective by the company.

There is no guarantee for abusive treatment, neglect or damage caused by exposure to extreme temperatures.

Any questions regarding your Limited Lifetime Warranty should be directed to your dealer.

Guitar Care for your Paracho Elite Instrument

For the absolute best performance of your Paracho Elite instrument please follow these guidelines:
  • Avoid sudden changes of temperaure.

  • Try to maintain the temperature at a constant 70-75 degrees and the humidity between 45—50% wherever you store your guitar.

  • Avoid leaving your instrument in a hot/cold vehicle for more than 20 minutes.

  • Your instrument should remain in it's case when not in use.

  • A humidifier should be maintained in your case at all times.

Paracho Elite is manufactured and distributed exclusively by LPD Music Int'l