Lectura Facil (easy reading)
Guitar Book/CD (Spanish)

Standard notation and tablature

Rogelio Maya takes you step-by step from the basic fundamentals of understanding the structure of melodies to learning how to play your first tunes using examples from some of your favorite songs. The accompanying cd features recordings of every single song in the book, as well as other audio examples.

retail ... $24.95

Acordes Y Progresiones
(chord progressions)

Bajo Sexto Book (Spanish)

This easy-to-follow book teaches all the essential basics so that anyone can start playing the bajo sexto in a matter of hours! Packed with tons of chords that capture the essence of Norteno style music, this one-of-a-kind course is sure to be a bestseller! You'll learn everything about bajo sexto chords and how they work, allowing you to build a solid foundation.

retail ... $19.95

You Can Play the Guitar Now!

Video (Spanish)

G1V Vol.1: For beginning acoustic players! Covers all basics: tuning, strumming, scales, & hand positioning. Includes major & minor chords, intervals & progressions. 60 min. Study guide included.

G2V Vol.2: Follow-up course, learn more advanced skills: major, minor, & dominant scales, arpeggios, exercises, chords, & much more. 60 min. Study guide included.

retail ... $26.95

You Can Play the Bajo Sexto Now!

Video (Spanish)

BSX1V Vol.1: Step by step course that teaches the fundamentals: proper tuning, hand positioning, & how to easily connect cords w/bass lines. Learn how to play distinctive Latin rhythms such as ranchera, vals, & bolero. 60 min.

BSX2V Vol.2: Covers more advanced scales & rhythms of ranchera, vals, borelo, cumbia, rock, flamenco & more. Learn skills & techniques that will help you develop your own individual style. 80 min.

retail ... $29.95

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