200Years of Excellence in Luthier Craftsmanship

After selecting the finest wood, the front, back and sides are glued together, and the guitar begins to take it's shape. Here the skilled laborer is sculpting the Paracho Elite neck and headstock.
Here is a closer look at the wood inlay being installed.
A Paracho craftsmen is applying the decorative wood inlay by hand on a Dreadnought model.
Sonia Vallis (Director of Operations) and Tom Vallis (Director of Sales and Marketing) from LPD Music International displaying two Paracho Elite models in the final stages of production
After the inlay is installed, the guitars are then bound with elastic bands for 48 hours to allow ample time for the wood to set. Here you can see frets being installed by hand on the fingerboard of one of our Bajo Sexto models.

In an effort to preserve the history of the guitar and Paracho's influence on the instrument, the Paracho Elite factory owners have built this museum and musical educational center.

This beautiful facility, which is located in the heart of Paracho, was generously funded solely by the Paracho factory owners.

Paracho Elite is manufactured and distributed exclusively by LPD Music Int'l